Delete multiple layers with objects on them

Please give us a “yes to all” choice…

Thanks, --Mitch

yeah, that’s needed.

of note- currently it’s a one-step undo if you select multiple layers then delete… should also be a one-step do :wink:

Ditto for sublayers, when deleting a top level layer.

Semi-(inversely)-related:, it would also be nice to be able to duplicate a top level layer and also have all sublayers duplicated. (Very handy for exploring different versions). Numerical suffixes could be applied to copies (01, 02, 03, etc).


Windows Rhino already has Duplicate Layer and Duplicate Layers and Objects on the right click layer menu. You have the option to include sublayers as well.

Looks like this has not been added to MacRhino yet.


Nice to know. Thanks, Mitch!
Looking forward to that feature migrating someday.

Just updating this thread, with, Why has this not been done in MacRhino ?

Like WinRhino … please.

I have always found this confusing on Windows, but I have used it before. Does this item (MR-1475) capture the idea?

Excellent !