Delete layers based on state

The case is we have a file of a boat that has all possible options. We then spec the boat based on the customers order by turning layers on or off. How can we then delete all layers that are turned off? We can off course do this manually but there must be a faster way to select what we want to delete.

One thing to consider is some of the layers turned on will have sub layers that have layers turned off. This info we want to keep though. For example a hand rail will have a sub layer which is drill hole sizes, this is by default turned off but do not wise to delete this info.

One option is also to lock layers we want to keep or visa versa if this can help with a workflow?

The team doing this are not daily rhino users so need an easy workflow. Any input will be much appreciated.

You can filter layers by their off state using the filter tool in the layer panel, then use the select all tool in the panel and delete them.


  1. you cannot delete the current layer. But an off layer cannot be current, so this should not be a problem.

  2. Deleting a parent layer will also delete its sublayers.

As far as I can tell, this would only be possible via a script, you would need to determine which parent layers that are on contain sublayers that are off and not delete those. I don’t see a manual way to do this.