Delete inner Mesh

Hello everyone,
I have two meshes which are pretty much the same but one of them was changed with the Flow algorithm. Now my Question: How can I join/union those meshes together so I get one mesh but I want to keep the surface of both but deleting the inner laying parts of the meshes. I created an example:
Flow_Example.3dm (519.0 KB)

I tried all from the meshboolean toolbox but I don’t get what I want.
Thank you for your ideas.

Hi Benjamin - hm… tricky… I think I would start with

  1. Unweld both meshes at zero degrees.
  2. Explode to individual faces - you’ll get a warning but go ahead.
  3. SelDupAll , then Invert Hide to isolate these duplicates.
  4. SelDup then Delete, then Join what is left - this is the part that is not distorted. Weld again if needed.

That is the easy bit , now…

  1. HideSwap to get back to the distorted parts…
  2. Join
  3. -ExtractConnectedmeshFaces,(with a dash in front) and select a face - 2 or three degrees seems to work - continue to build the selection by clicking on mesh faces - either all inner or all outer until you get the full set or nearly… still tricky but you may get there with some patience.


Hey @pascal,
thanks a lot. I will try it out. I saw a solution on grasshopper:
Grashopper delete inner Faces
I might need to script something similar because I will need it more often.