'Delete' Horizontal displacement kangaroo

Hi guys,

I am trying to create a bridge kind of structure. As you can see in the images the mesh deforms horizontally due to the curvature of the path, which is an unwanted effect on the mesh. I am using kangaroo 0.99 and springs, combined with a unary force, as force objects. Is there someway to reach a similar form finding effect vertically without the horizontal movement?

Hi @dennishollanders17

I’m not sure I completely follow what you are asking, but if you have a tensioned surface like this with the fixed points following a curve, the shape will naturally tend to pull towards the inside of the curve, since the elements are all trying to reduce their length.
You could introduce uneven tensions to counteract this, but then I’d question what the intent of the form-finding is.

Also - why are you using the old version of Kangaroo for this?
If you need example files for the current version you can find some here: