Delete does not always work, just "ding" sound

I have the weirdest thing happening:

I leave objects highlighted after a previous command execution, i.e. Mirror, and simply press delete.
I hear the windows “ding” sound and the object is still there… I press it a second or a third time until it finally works. It happens almost half the time, not all the time.

Can anybody replicate this?

Hello - are you working on mac hardware? I get this once in a while on my bootcamped mac - I have to click in the command line then delete.


Hi Pascal,

No, solely windows.

The only time I’ve seen that is when Rhino has presented me with a question and I didn’t see it. I tap Delete a couple time, get a couple dings, and then go looking for a small dialog question that I didn’t know I was ignoring.

I know how you mean John, its not one of those cases.
Since its only me I will restore all options to default and see if that fixes it. If now I will make a video to share.

Yes, Windows, I was wondering about the hardware. But, does it work as expected if you first click on the command line, then Delete?


Hardware is a standard PC with nVIDIA, latest driver.
Clicking on the command line is not applicable because it happens randomly. Sometimes the second time I press it will work or I might get another “ding”. The third time will do the trick.

I made this video to demonstrate the issue, please notice the sound:

To exclude the new 3D Connexion driver I did try stopping it before making the video.

Trying to get to the bottom of this I launched Rhino in safe mode and redid the exercise. It was gone.
I loaded Rhino normally and did the test again and it did not Ding anymore :slight_smile:
It might be a plugin at fault, I will check with developer.