Delete button does not work anymore


I reinstalled rhino 6 again and now the delete button does not work anymore to delete things in my rhino model. Delete works otherwise in my other windows programs etc.
Is there a setting in rhino that can make it work again?

The cursor needs to be in a viewport to use the delete key to delete selected objects. If the cursor is elsewhere on the screen it will not delete selected objects.

I know this, I have only top view expanded and my cursor is inside top view highlighting a poly line but its not being deleted. It just makes that default sound when something is not possible. The line is not locked and the layer is not locked either.

Does the Delete command work? Highlight the object and type Delete or _Delete on the command line and enter.

yes typing it does work but its time consuming

So that means the Delete command is working, but the Delete key is not functioning as a shortcut for the command. Are you using a native Windows machine, or running Windows on a Mac?

its a windows, before I reinstalled rhino 6 it has been working on rhino. The delete key is also working for other programs.

Its working now, I think it was only for that one file it did not work.
Really strange.

Thank you anyway!

Normally before posting function bugs like this you should try:

  1. Close all instances of Rhino and restart. If that doesn’t fix the problem:
  2. Reboot the computer. If that doesn’t fix the problem:
  3. Try with different files.
    If the problem happens with all files, post the bug with a description of what’s happening
    If the problem happens with just one file, post the file or send it to for analysis

If either restarting Rhino or the computer fixed the problem feel free to post a message here in any case about what happened but also mention that it got fixed by restarting.


i have to disagree. by doing so the bug my disappear quickly, but it is still a bug. by following your “suggestions“, reports like these would never happen.

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Out if interest, if you now reopen that file does the delete key work again in it?

I did state

The reasoning for my suggestions above is as follows:

If it is a one time bug caused by “gremlins” in the system that restarting magically fixes, and if you cannot repeatably reproduce it, nothing is ever going to get done about it, because there’s no way to know what to fix and nothing to test with. There are so many millions of combinations of hardware, software, installation types, etc. that those kinds of gremlins are pretty much guaranteed to creep in from time to time - it might not even be a Rhino problem but maybe something with the OS or who knows what… This is a characteristic of all of our complex systems today, I also need to periodically reboot my phone when weird stuff starts happening.

If you get the same bug happening more frequently than just once, then, by all means post it, as at least there is some degree of repeatability, someone might be able to reproduce it.

The best of course is to have a consistently repeatable procedure for making it happen, in that case you are far more likely to see it fixed - especially if McNeel can repeat it on their end.


Very nicely and well described @Helvetosaur

Thank you

whatever you have stated will not prevent the same bug from appearing again and again. and if you feel the need for a bit more hair splitting, you wrote:

if everybody would give up because it just happened to be some strange ““gremlin”” which nobody can identify then there would be no sign of bugs whatsoever. now we all know Rhino has plenty of those mysterious ghosts which one might have seen once or twice but cant reproduce. me too have seen those plenty of times, ghosts which ONLY happen in Rhino. mostly i dont even think of them as bugs because i am so used to it already.

i would honestly pay more attention in trying to get rid of those bugs instead of pounding each other on the shoulder. such an attitude is rather sad.

That’s quite inaccurate, bugs are being fixed every day from bug reports on phenomenon that can be reproduced.

It would be great to have a procedure for fixing bugs which nobody can reproduce. Hopefully someday someone will post an outline of how to do that here.

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Rhino users are a key component in finding problems, reporting them in a way that can be reproduced, and getting the fix tested.
I’m deeply involved in that process on a daily basis.

It sounds like you weren’t aware of this fundamental partnership in Rhino development.

We’re all in this together.

decapitating my words out of context is not going to make that any more true and even if, your humping your own tail with your suggestions stated above.

i rather have anybody shouting up on seeing a bug even without precise “coordinates” from >non programmers/developers - only users< than to shut them up and to never have them speak of it.

yes they deeply are and you guys should be thankful for anything you get.

the first time i encountered you must´ve been more than 10 years ago, some time before all this turned into discourse. you never changed a bit, always helpful in the general, but always a bit ignorant in the particular :wink:

with that thought i would like to believe it for now.

Guilty as charged.
My background is Civil engineering.
I never used Rhino professionally.

yes it does work on that file as well.

FWIW I have experienced weird issues with my delete button in the past couple of months, similar to what’s described above. I will try to figure out if it’s predictable, if/when it happens again. It has happened more than once but I have been more interested in moving on with the task at hand than troubleshooting it.