Delay tool tip

Can I somehow delay or even disable the tooltip of the general tool buttons (not the Osnap)?
I find them to distractive and they cover too many buttons when sliding the mouse from one button to the next.

Hello - I think this setting in Options > Advanced page, is what you’re looking for-

That’s in milliseconds.


Is it just me, or is it not possible to enter a number in the edit box? Here highlighting the value in the edit popup and typing a number with the keyboard does nothing. The up/down arrows work though. I wanted to see if you could set it to 0 to turn tooltips off…

Hi Mitch - I did not try zero but other numbers worked here.


Turn it off here:

Hi JB - the OP is looking for the toolbar tooltips.


Ah. Thanks

Nothing works here. I can select the number in the box and even delete it with the delete key but I cannot type anything in there.

Hmm, something is seriously amiss, now the Enter key has stopped working in my Rhino… This is not the first time something similar has happened here in the last couple of weeks. Never happened before. Well, on closing Rhino it wanted to load the new SR 15 RC, so I will now test again…

OK, now I can enter values in the edit box… However, changing the value to 0 doesn’t seem to turn them off - but changing it to 1 does - @nickharlander FYI…