Delaunay mesh sorting components

hello everyone, I am using Delaunay mesh and I want to sort groups of vertical, horizontal, and diagonal lines separately.
i would appreciate if anyone can help me?

thank you !!

maybe you could post a file with the geometry internalized.

first find the two end points of all the mesh lines.
compare their xyz.
Here are some hints as to how to sort the curves:

  1. the horizontal curves have no vertical displacement.
  2. diagonal curves have the more xy displacement than the vertical curves

kindly if you have an example ???
best regards

If you use Delauney in the shown collection … have in mind that the algo is NOT written for non planar collections (a Ball Pivot is better suited for that).

But you are out of target anyway: is waaaaaay better to define a Surface (or a BrepFace [holes, trimmed outLoop etc etc]), divide in U/V and then instead of classic Surface pieces get the Mesh Faces from a given quad pts collection. That way you have absolute control upon what’s going on [plus the “orientation” of triangles - if you are after triangles].

As a very naive example see the attached (FYI: code is used for the triangulation AND for the edge clustering in U/V/Diagonals). (127.7 KB)

parallel (22.1 KB)
sorry for late reply !!1

am trying this way but seems that there is a problem could you please tell me what can be the problem ??

Here’s one way to group and sort the lines in your file:

parallel (33.5 KB)


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thank you it’s helpful !!
I will be grateful if you can show me how to sort the rings in this example ??

From the file I posted above:

  • The yellow group groups the rings by their Z-position.
  • The green group sorts them along a circle at their center (equivalent to sorting by angle).

All of the lines were sorted previously by thier Z-Position by the red group.

This shows the grouping and ordering of the “ring lines”:

You can pass them through a Flip Matirx component if you prefer this ordering:



thank u so much!!