Delalunay mesh problem

I need to make a triangular mesh with triangles all laying regularly on one direction, either pointing up or down. I created the brep triangles with lunchbox grid and then extracted point from single triangles, then culled duplicated and latest used delaluney mesh component. No matter how I put the points the result is always opposite to the brep version. I guess I don’t know how delaluney mesh work? There are no options on the component.

The Delaunay mesh of a set of points has to meet certain conditions on the angles.

If you have the triangles you want from Lunchbox, but as surfaces, and want them as a mesh, you could use the SimpleMesh component to convert them.

I did that already but i need one unique mesh to export to a rendering software, therefore I need a triangle mesh where each triangle has an edge in common with the following one, which doesn’t happen if I mesh with simplemesh. Unless there is a way either on GH or rhinoceros to join all the triangle meshes having as result a single mesh without double edges.

You can use the Combine&Clean component in Grasshopper to merge coincident vertices.
In Rhino you can use the AlignMeshVertices and Weld commands.

awesome! now I just need to have the mesh done by triangle, because it comes out still with divisions I don’ want

Have you tried @DanielPiker suggestions? (6.2 KB)

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yes! finally, thanks a lot