Degree 5 single span surfaces in Rhino 3d Mac Ver 5.4

Dear All
I have tried doing degree 5 single span surfaces in Rhino 3d Mac Ver 5.4 without any success. I watched a vid,, please watch from time: 2:22 to 7:01.

I need help with is as I cannot find basic tutorials to help me.
Thank you.

I just drew 4 single-span degree 5 curves that have 6 control points each. Degree +1 points results is a single span curve (or surface).
Then I used EdgeSrf on those 4 curves and I have a single-span degree 5 (both U and V directions) surface.

Deg5Srf.3dm (3.8 MB)

File with curves and surface

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Thank you for this. Still not sure where I am going wrong. Will crack on to perfect it.

Thank you.

When you draw your curves, make sure the option is set to degree 5.

Hello John

Thank you for the extra feedback.
When I selected Edit > Rebuild, under Rebuilt Surfaces; Point Count values did not show. I have since reinstalled my Mac Ver 5.4 and now all is perfect. WIP is working beautifully too.

Thank you once again.