Deforming Merged Curves

Good Afternoon Forum,

Perhaps this is simple, I didn’t find a way:

I have some geometry which is merged from separate sets of curves (see attached image - colours show separate sets).

  • Is there a way to fully weld all of these curves together as one unit?
  • Is there then a way to deform that unit using points?

I have tried dividing the merged curves to points, using point attractors, and then rejoining points using interpolate curve; but I end up with a jumble of spaghetti.

Any ideas?

Thanks. (32.4 KB)

i think it would be helpfull if you post a .gh file.

maybe join curves helps- I am not sure without a file

Yes you’re right, sorry.

I have internalised all of the script which builds the geometry, so you just can see the curves and attempt to deform them. (32.4 KB)

Join curves is good for preventing the spaghetti, but the separate sets of curves are not fully ‘welded’ together and still behave as separate sets:

The separate sets of curves deform independently and so gaps appear.

is this to simple Not shure… (32.4 KB)


This is exactly it - very simple - thank you so much for your help.

Cheers to you :slight_smile: