Deformed /distorted form

distorted form.3dm (10.1 MB)
hi good evening, I have made a plane regular shape and inside prongs and bezel where to set stones. Then I wanted to flow it on the top of a ring, I used “flow along the curbe” but instead of obtaining the regular round shape of prongs and bezels I obtained deformed shapes. How can I have both round prongs and bezels on a curbed shape? I attached file. Thanks for help. Mirco

Hi Mirco - it looks to me like you want the basic shape to deform but not the settings and prongs, correct? If so I would do this in two parts - flow the underlying shape with Rigid=No, and the settings and prongs as separate objects using Rigid=Yes, then do the Boolean operations or what ever, at that stage, rather than before flowing.


Thank you Pascal. You are as precious as a diamond! I’ll go through it tomorrow, as soos as I come back from work! Again thank you!!! and good night … ehm ehm here in Milano it is 23,24, Mirco