Deform surface around shape. (Insole design)


I am attempting to develop a work flow for designing an insole.

What I would like to do is fill the Outline.3dm with a surface. Then drop the Foot_Shape.3dm into this surface and have it deform around the foot shape. However, the surface needs to remain attached to the perimeter of the PW Minor outline resulting in a smooth transition. Is this possible?

The Test2.3dm file is what I have been able to accomplish so far. This was done using the Patch command. The problem with this approach is the flat surface around the perimeter. I have also used the drape command with unacceptable results.

Test2.3dm (555.0 KB)
Foot_Shape.3dm (419.1 KB)
Outline.3dm (36.1 KB)

Thank you.

Hello - try:

Turn on points for the meshes of the foot shape.
In Front, use SelBrushPoints to select the points below the curve.
Select the curve
Patch with a fairly dense patch.


Looks like leaving out some points near the perimeter curve lets the shape hit that edge a little more naturally.