Defining points on a curve scripted in python

I am trying to script the shape of letter A in Python , I have scripted a 3rd degree curve , but I need now to define 2 opposite points on the curve and connect them with a straight line. Can anyone help me ?

This is one way, although there are probably more efficient solutions. It seems a little long-winded.

crv = rs.AddCurve(points)
cp1 = rs.CurveParameter(crv,0.1)
cp2 = rs.CurveParameter(crv,0.9)
p1 = rs.EvaluateCurve(crv,cp1)
p2 = rs.EvaluateCurve(crv,cp2)
a = rs.AddLine(p1,p2)
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Wow! Thanks so much Adam

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