Defining customized material list

I am trying to define a customized list of glulam as per Canadian code in Karamba3D. But the properties of design code does not match with the default material properties in Karamba3D. Can someone give me some idea what should I do.

Hi you can create your own material by inputting the properties for this material

Hi Matthew,
I can’t seem to correlate the properties of, e.g., the glulam GL28c standard found in the Karamba’s MaterialProperties_2_2_0.csv file with those found in other literature.


(values in that table are in N/mm² and kg/m³ for the density).

I’m looking for properties to use for GL30c as that seems to be the more common type available.

Hi, our values are according to DIN 1052:2008
You can refer to

However if you wish to change the material properties, you can do so.

Thanks for that reference, Matthew.