Defining context/shading for radiation mapping in ClimateStudio


I have recently started using CS and I was wondering how we can define context surfaces for radiation mapping using the Rhino interface and not through grasshopper.

Hi -

You might want to contact Solemma for your questions about CS.

Hi, thanks for that. I couldnt find any contact information on the solemma website thats why I asked here. Would you happen to have an email through which I can contact them?

Hi -

No, I don’t.
Perhaps @jeff7 and/or @sarg know of such address…

Hi @h.murya,

Re support contact, if you have an educational license, CS questions can be directed to the point of contact at your school. If you have a professional license or trial, you should have a support contact from when you (or your firm) received the trial download.

In either case, I’d suggest forgoing the point of contact and watching our getting started video tutorials instead, which describe the Rhino UI and the process for assigning materials to scene objects (which applies to radiation maps as well as daylighting sims). You might also find our online documentation useful.


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Oh hi, that was rather dumb of me to assume it wouldnt work on radiation maps also. thank you very much for the help :slight_smile: