Define same distances of frames

hi. im trying to define the same distance between the vertical frames…
i am at the beginning of grasshopper and I tried to define it with the number of frames along a line but it does not work…
had anyone time to explain it to me?
it would be so helpful!

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Can’t view you image (hasn’t uploaded properly) and your GH file geometry is not internalized.

Try the Perp Frames component (in gh menu under Curves → Division).


the point is that I ve not really an idea where to place without losing the other things :frowning:

does this help? I ve no idea where to place it…

test2.3dm (2.5 MB) (24.5 KB)

Yes it helps being able to see what your file is doing, but I still don’t understand which curve you are trying to divide or what your final goal is.

Can you describe what you are trying to accomplish? Do you have any sketches of what your finished project should look like?

Is your GH file working as expected with what you have done so far?


yes it works so far… but the last output of the lofts create vertical elements which are not in same distance…
I try to create a regular handrail but I tried for hours to get the vertical regulary…
this green ones…

i am able to regulate the number but not the distance… you know what I mean?

your are intersecting your curve with a plane, which is infinite, therefore you have 2 intersections:

I think a plane at the points would be sufficent and you would get rid of the intersection problem.

i am not really sure if I got it… had have the same problem when the basic curve is a circle… do you mean I should replace the perp frames into one?

Not entirely sure what you want, maybe like this? (26.5 KB)

it should be a kind of handrail and the baseline is defined about sections in different heights… until the perp frames I had the feeling it works but then at the end I lose some how this regularity…

so for that last turn I think what you create is the right one… but how could I combine the beginning and the end? … cause I had the different heights about the section at the beginning and I could count the verticals and I could twist them… but somehow I lose the regularity…

its the point I switch into prep plane… the I lose the regularity… could I combine it somehow with a distance tool or smt. else?

this is still the matter:

can be patched like this, far from an ideal solution: (22.8 KB)


I thought of the same, but I also had the idea that in the definiton some things a redundant, so I tried to improve. But most likely the real problem is, that no one understands what she is trying to archieve.

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but could you help me to understand that?

i ll try to build the rest that you get an image…I ll try to send it later - thank you so much…
but is it right that the brep plane does not work?

as @Baris stated, you were trying to intersect a Brep with several planes

you have to consider that planes are infinite: you can set how big planes are visualized in GH, but they extend forever

for instance, here, regardless of the size this Plane is visualized, it will intersect the curve two times:

by creating a surface -that has a given size- and using it to intersect your Brep, you can find “local” intersections:

I think there are many much better ways to get to the very same final outcome regarding the handrailing system you are working on, but probably this was one that had the less impact in your own workflow :+1:

ok! thanx! it was not in my mind that the plane is endless… now I understand the comment of bars much better!