Define Linked Block: change Layer Style

I am using the Define Linked Block component and by default it seems it sets the Layer Style to “Reference”. For my use case I need the Layer Style to be “Active” though. Is there a way to set this in the Component and not have to go through all the blocks manually to change the Layer Style?

Alternatively is there a way to change the Layer Style of a linked block from GH?

Thanks for any hints.

Unfortunately there is not a way to do this right now in the Elefront component itself. That’s a feature we’re looking to add in the next version, along with allowing for Embedded-and-Linked as an option.

I know your pain on having to go through block by block to change it.

In RhinoCommon you can access the LayerStyle of a block / InstanceDefinition, but I’m not sure if you can actually change it through this parameter since only the “get” function is documented:

That might be a place to start.