Defect: GH and code windows cover Save dialog

If GH is up and a Code Window (Python) they cover the Save dialog.

Perhaps I’m misunderstanding this report. The Rhino 3dm save dialog shown in your screenshot is associated with the Rhino window; not the Grasshopper window (which has its own save dialog for definitions.) What I’m seeing in your screenshot is the expected behavior.

Again, I may be misunderstanding something here (it happens frequently).

I clicked on Rhino…But GH came forward (in this image menubar showing) but doesn’t have its own App bar icon. This makes my think/expect that GH is a child to Rhino.

I guess it’s a question of expectation. I don’t see GH being a separate application until I look at the menu bar. I see it (and would prefer it) as a Rhino subwindow. To me there is no value in GH being its own app. Having to launch it from the command line diminishes it. It would be easier and better if it were better integrated (not have weird windowing/appbar/menubar behaviors) and be a window I could bring up from the Window menu.

I understand it is an add-on but integration will help make it more usable and useful.