Default scene lighting in rendering

Is it possible to use the default scene lighting for rendering with Toucan?

Hi jetak,
I spent most of my Christmas holiday getting to grips with Toucan Render. The default lighting always lost detail on curved surfaces that I model. Placing lighting is really simple, I normally opt for directional lighting, easy to rotate and move about. Play with the shadow intensity in object properties for the light, this can make a huge difference to how a model appears to be illuminated in a render, also use light intensity in Occlusion in render properties. Really the best advice is to just play and make notes as you go for what works in your case.

This is just my experience and very happy with the results I am getting.

Yeah, this is what I ended up doing. I just find that placing lighting is a bit cumbersome. It can be difficult to tell how objects are going to be illuminated. It would be nice if the lighting sources had some kind of vector that would show where the center of the light falls. Though I guess this only really makes sense for the spotlight.

I did end up getting a scene that I am pretty happy with. Thanks for the advice.