Default render view

Here’s a thing that has annoyed me for some time during the V7 wip progress:

The default render view presents this environment background, which is way out of scale for objects the scale of a teacup to a motorcycle, for example…

It just presents as really shabby and unacceptable.

I know it can be changed, I can (and do) make a template that has my own preferences etc, but my point is the default setting, the one a new user will see first time, is not good, and doesn’t make a good impression.

Surely there is a way of presenting something more appropriate…?


(I see I posted about this in 2016 - that

was on a different computer, and the subject wasn’t rendering, but the background was just the same…)

Hi Rabbit - here, if, in the Render panel, I ‘Reset to defaults’ (at the bottom of the panel) the environment image is not shown in the background of the rendered vp. It is used for lighting and reflections.


Well, that is true…
I thought what I was seeing was the default (since it was in the WIP) but obviously not.

My Bad.
I’ll be quiet now…


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