Default parameter changes when drawing circle

Mac Wenatchee Build 470 -
Draw a circle using “Center, Radius”. Click the Area checkbox to specify circle size. For later uses of “Center, Radius”, the second parameter defaults to “Diameter”.
If you draw a circle using the Diameter checkbox, “Diameter” is the default the next time you draw a circle using “Center, Radius”.
So it seems like the default after using the Area checkbox should be “Area” (last checkbox selected) - or else the default should always be 'Radius".
On a couple other Curve menu choices, the default doesn’t change if you select a checkbox for the second parameter.
Not critical but thought you’d like to know - and I’d like to know if I am missing something.

yeah, i see what you’re saying… a third window comes up specifically for Area (and circumference & orientation) whereas it doesn’t for radius and diameter (which will remember their last states)…

i’ve seen stuff like this in a few other commands (where it seems like the input field should, for certain options, remain in the original box… there’s no way i could come up with a comprehensive list but maybe they could get ironed out one by one as a user finds it?

(of course, it’s entirely possible it’s suppose to act that way for reasons i don’t know about)

well, if i actually think about it some more… if i, personally, were to draw a circle by area,circumference, or orientation-- it would be a special circumstance or a one time use thing… whereas, radius or diameter, i’d want/like to be able to change the ‘default’ state on those…

so, if this is happening accidentally, it’s a happy accident for me at least… (but it does seem to have been thought through already)

yes…but drawing by area shouldn’t change the default to anything except area, it would seem to me.
agree that it’s handy to have the default change from radius to diameter when that’s how you are specifying the circle.

yeah, i don’t know

i do see what you’re saying but i also think there’s more to it than that… (as in, it seems likely that the way you’re thinking it should be was the way it once was… then the more experienced users suggested the switch up)

but hey, it’s saturday 2am… i’d suggest ignoring me and wait til someone in the know pops in :slight_smile:

I’ll see what I can find out from the developer on the Windows side, but I suspect Area and Circumference were considered to be more special-case options while the Diameter/Radius simply toggles the input style for the default behavior.