Default material

In V5 i cant find any way to easily restore an object to its default render material.
In V6 the same problem - if i go to properties for a selected object, i am presented with several options, but not one of them is simply "restore default material"
There is a “use a new blank material” option, which without altering it looks “default”, but if i assign to to an object, then another, i get all this drama about how its shared by other objects etc.

Surely this (restore default material) should just be the first and simplest option? Why? Because when i’ve messed up a material editing it and fooling around, or worse, when ive created a material and edited it in a plug-in renderer, and i no longer want it in a new model which is composed of parts of a previous model, and the material renders like rubbish in the actual rhino renderer, i want to be able to just dump it and get on with modelling.

So ideally, select objects, look at properties>material>restore default. Done.



The “default” is actually for the object to use the layer material.


Well, don’t you think that is confusing?
Its fine if you don’t have any materials set by layer, but if you do, how then do you reset the object back to the default material?
You actually, as far as i can see, have to right click the material and choose “reset to default”, which doesn’t remove the material, it just resets it to a default state.

For me it would make much more sense to move the “reset to default” choice you get when right clicking a material, to the first dialog that appears when you first get the properties of an object material.

So, the first choices for every object would be:

Use Default material
Use Layer Material

Because, surely every object has a default state when it is first created. I don’t think of that as being a material, because it is a constant thing - otherwise you couldn’t see it.

A no-nonsense quick and easy way to reset selected objects back to that state would, I feel, be an improvement and help clarity.