Default location of menus in Rhino window

Square viewport shape is best for most CAD work. A decade ago square viewport was easy to make because tallscreen laptops were more common than widescreen laptops. Nobody makes tallscreen laptops now because few laptop users are engineers. Default location of menus in Rhino window exacerbates this problem, so I moved the menus to the right side, as shown in the following screenshot. I did not move the toolbar group to the side because it does not work well there. Do you prefer square viewports? Do you believe that default location of menus in Rhino window should be changed?

Do you have any scientific studies supporting this claim?

It sounds more like a personal preference to me.

No, I do not, but it seems obvious. Take a look at the things engineers design: bottle, refrigerator, bucket, camera, motorcycle…

Bottles and refrigerators are tall, so they do not fit well in the Rhino viewport. Buckets fit best in a square viewport. Cameras and motorcycles look wide or tall, depending on the view… When you magnify the view to see a detail, you don’t want to stare at a viewport which looks like narrow slit.

If my argument is not convincing, we can agree that it would be nice to switch between existing widescreen viewport and square viewport with one click of the mouse.

I design ships and yachts. They don’t fit well in a square…