Default Lighting in Orthogonal Projections

Does anyone know how to turn off/alter the highlight/spot lighting in orthogonal projections? It’s cool in perspective, but kind’a in the way for trimming surfaces. Shaded, Ghosted, Xray, et. al…

Thanks in advance1

Hello - yes, thanks, I think this was pointed out at least once, but I cannot find a bug track item for it at the moment so I made a new one :


Here another one, looks like the same

Thx, Pascal.

This is a result of “per pixel lighting” …It’s just the nature of the beast now that we’re using shaders in every display mode… The Shaded mode uses 3 light sources, and it has “specularity” values. What you’re all seeing is simply the specular highlight from one of the light sources. In V5, Shaded mode used “Per Vertex” lighting, which could never produce this type of effect (which is a flaw not a feature).

The only thing I can suggest is that you turn down the specularity inside the Shaded mode “custom material settings”…see pic.

…The only other solution would be for Rhino to allow purposely disabling and removal of all specular highlighting, which the Shaded mode could then enable/disable. That doesn’t currently exist, which means it’s going to have to wait until it does.


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Thx, Jeff!

–I was able to accomplish what you suggested, (a while back now), which was quite helpful.

Hoping an easy/auto-disable in Orthogonal/planar projections might be coming along sometime?

Specular shading on flat surfaces isn’t really that useful, and perhaps taking display performance in the wrong direction? I mean, if it’s harder to read/view/see, it’s “realistic” quality isn’t helping me any.

@dtmurcielago Um, which version of V6 are you using at this point? This was fixed a few service releases back… Shaded views no longer use per-pixel lighting shaders…unless you’ve also got “Advanced GPU lighting” checked (which is not the default). I recommend you update to the latest service release and set you Shaded mode to the defaults…and see if things are any better.


oh lovely – thank you! will try. Have discovered update service was not functioning (?) so may need to run a repair to do that.

In a related issue, the default lighting is occasionally problematic in perspective view as well, depending upon specific surface undulations – perhaps I can revisit the settings you suggested, but I’d love if the default highlighting wasn’t 100% glossy (read: “burn-out white”).

I’ll try to upload a specific image to illustrate shortly…

Here it is: it’s a grasshopper preview, though. Baked geometry looks fine in the same view.