Default Gumball to World Coordinates

Is there a way to default Gumball to World coordinates instead of CPlane coordinates?

click in the little white circle on the gumball

Thank you, Ben. I was actually looking for a permanent fix by changing it to world coordinates so that each time I restart Rhino, the default is set to world coordinates.

then tra and right click on the Gumball writing between smart track etc on the bottom without having geometry selected, set it to world and then save the file, whatever it was. for me it keeps the settings of the last save.
Hope this works for you as well?

Thanks Ben, but unfortunately that did not work either. I even tried saving it as a template file, but that also did not work.

You can put this in your Rhino startup commands (Options>General)
_GumballAlignment _World

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That worked, thank you so much!

Does this require two topics?

No, sorry about that. I’m new to the forum and I created the first topic in the wrong spot.

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