Default display mode for .STL

When opening an .STL, it opens by default in wireframe.
This chock the device [phone/iPad ] needlessly. These are meshes within the 500k - 1mil size which is typical for what I send for printing.
In Rendered mode [when mesh wires are hidden by default, iRhino can spine the .STL without any lag.

Is it possible please to set default mode for opening .stl [or any mesh format for that matter] to Rendered?

Thanks a lot

I think a more universal approach would be to preserve the current display mode when opening a non .3dm file. Meaning you should be able to set your desired display mode to “Rendered” before opening a file, and have the .stl file open in that mode.

What do you think @stevebaer ?

Edit: BTW, it doesn’t work this way now. I was proposing a change.

3dm will respect the display mode that you last saved your model as. If you want something consistent now, I would recommend converting your stl to 3dm for viewing/sharing on iRhino. This way your clients will see what you expect them to see.

Setting a “desired” display mode only works for yourself and not for sending a model to a client who doesn’t know how to change display modes.

That is very true,
In my work I now started giving some clients access to the the 3dm and the final mesh is included.
and yet the .stl is what they will give the printing-casting shop and it will be great if they can view it without a lot of technical struggle.
if in settings there was a startup option. I could then go over this with customers and then they could easily open files and view [the jewelry] customers do not need wireframe.

thanks a lot

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