Default components as Clusters

I think it might be useful if you could explode default Grasshopper components and modify them as you want…
For example: Polyline would be exploded to algorithm which takes each point in list and creates a line with next point from list.

This is almost impossible as it requires too much effort and it’s difficult to define the minimal operation…

Except that’s not how a polyline component works. In Rhino, a polyline is a list of points, not a list of line segments.

I’m trying to figure out whether something universal is in effect here. Besides polylines, do you have any other examples of a native component which would be split up into seperate meaningful steps?

I had suggested doing this in the parameters, where data validation, type conversion, default values, and pre/post processing are editable steps that could be encapsulated. The fundamental parts are from Rhinocommon, but the whole funnel between the experience of use and the restriction of Rhinocommon methods is susceptible to being implemented differently.

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Hi David

in this case, I had the same problem with the “Offset Curve” Component. I figured out that this component would intrinsically “simplify” the resulting curve as an extra step, But it is not mentioned in the component’s description!
(I encountered this issue when I was trying to offset a linear polyline with co-directional segments. the result was a single segment polyline)