Default annotation styles

Would be great to have annotation styles for cm mm and metrs by default! And also others more specific with different predefined styles.
Thank you!

you can make a template file with all those styles already to use whenever you want.

yes , i know, but the idea is to have obvious things pre defined and focus on more specific part of the work. And does rhino have cloud service to store those templetes like adobe have? I dont think so. I mean it is not very good user experience.

Hi - Thanks for the feedback!

The only problem with that is that whatever is obvious for one user will be obscure for the next.
We currently already have 12 factory-default templates.

I think we have something on the wishlist already - I can’t find it right now but I’ll check…

Great, thanks!
I wish I could completely switch to working in rhino starting with v7!
P.S. Where can i find this wish list or are there any specific request related sections?

Hi - we use YouTrack to keep track of all issues - everything from bug to wishes.
A list that is filtered to only show open wishes might look something like this:

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Thank you!