Decreasing Unrolled Mesh Strips for easier fabrication

Hello Everyone,

Thank you for viewing my question!

I’ve managed to unroll my mesh structure but would like to maybe find another way to create a more effective unrolled strip definition so that the mesh can be fabricated easier and use less material.
I’ve tried using the Ivy plug-in as well, but can’t seem to figure it out.

If this can’t really be done, can someone also help me:

  1. Create flaps for each surface so that they can be joined together.
  2. Number each segment so that we know which segment connects to each other.

If someone could help me figure this out, that would be super! I’ve posted the definition files and some photos below.

Unroll Mesh - Arianna (34.4 KB)
Unroll Mesh - Arianna Garay.3dm (2.4 MB)

Are you actually trying to fabricate this? or is a school project of some sort?

You can quickly number using the series component

“flaps” via pufferfish curve offset in 2D.

Hi Rickson, thanks for you quick reply!

Managed to do it with your solution. I went a different way for the numbering though, as I realised that I still had to planarise each component. I didn’t know pufferfish had that component!

Yes, I am actually trying to fabricate this for a university studio. At the moment we are at the prototype fabrication stage, so I am trying to make a small version of it. It would be great to obtain lesser strips so that we don’t have to use or laser cut through too much material.