Deconstruct Family - Location / Copying Stuff

We can place Families by location. But I need also the opposite - receive the location of families placed manually in Revit.

I have a bunch of manually placed windows and I want to copy them on a newly created level.
My approach would be:

  1. Select families - receive Family names and their insertion points
  2. Move insertion points in Z direction
  3. Use the same Family names with new points and use AddFamilyInstance.ByLocation

Hey @Czaja

See the example below

family (787.7 KB)

Hi @eirannejad
Thanks for the script.
Is Revit operating in imperial system internally (that would be strange…)? Even if I start new Revit project in metric system I receive points which I have to divide by 0.00328084 (1 cm = 0.00328084 feet) to get more or less proper point coordinates.

Yes Revit operates in Imperial internally.