Deconstruct Brep with polylines

I am currently working on the Attractors chapter of the TUDelft tutorial, and I am facing difficulties with the “Deconstruct Brep” component. When I tried to connect the polyline component to it, I received an alert saying “Data conversion failed from Curve to Brep.”

To my understanding, only closed polylines are recognized as “Brep,” meaning they must have at least four vertices. However, I didn’t notice any errors in the tutorial when using polyline components with only three vertices.

Here’s the close-up of the Deconstruct Brep part from tutorial.
Here’s the full script from tutorial
My (10.2 KB)

Can you please help me resolve this issue? Thank you.


You probably need to close the polyline. Add a vertex to Merge or simply invert the Closed input or Polyline.
A more suitable way would be to use Explode component instead, which is made for curves.

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What exactly does it mean when you say "simply invert the Closed input or Polyline "?

Thank you.

Here’s the section of the tutorial that you missed.

They set the internalized value of the Closed parameter to True. I prefer the method @magicteddy shows since it provides a visual indicator that the value has been inverted.



Thank you for pointing that out!