Deconfiguration of Setup using backgroundbitmap ( PC, Rhino5)

Hi people,

I am not a native speaker so first of all let me apologize for my English.
The problem happens when I try to import an image usig the command backgroundbitmap. Then my toolbar screen setup changes and all is messed up like in the image…

I have the 13.3 inches asus zenbook touch
screen, with discrete GPU nvidia GT940M and win 10 (64 bits).

Any idea?
Thank you so much!

There are a bunch of reports (here is one) about this, the thing to try is the following:

Close all Rhinos. Open a new single instance of Rhino and type TestToggleFileDialog. Then continue on as before. for example, re-try to import a background bitmap. Do the symptoms go away?

If that does fix it, you should go to Options>General and in the box “Run these commands every time Rhino starts” add the command TestToggleFileDialog.

If the above does not fix it, there might be some other stuff you can try…

HTH, --Mitch

Hello Helvetosaur
It definitely helped! Thank you so much for sharing trick that certainly has saved me a lot time.