Decoding Craftsmanship II (Rhino Workshop + Seminar) - September 21-22-23, Fartha, Riverstick Co. Cork (Ireland)

Decoding Craftsmanship II
Rhino Workshop: September 21-22
Seminar: September 23
Joseph Walsh Studio
Fartha, Riverstick Co. Cork
P43 X898

Joseph Walsh Studio will host Decoding Craftsmanship II, the second event in a series of seminars and workshops that explore how emerging technologies can enable a new form of maker culture. The event will consist of a 2-day Rhino Workshop and a 1-day Seminar.

Rhino trainers Phil Cook and Sean Cowell (Simply Rhino) and Vanessa Steeg (McNeel Europe) have developed and will deliver the 2-day Rhino Workshop.

This workshop contains intermediate level material and begins with explaining NURBS topology in detail before moving on to practical examples demonstrating efficient modeling techniques, modeling strategy and avoiding common modeling problems. It is geared towards designers working in such areas as furniture design, product design, marine design, jewelry design, interior design, sets & props and architecture.

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Following the workshop, there will be a 1-day Seminar which will include the following speakers: Humberto Campana, John Makepeace, Gareth Neal, Joe Hogan, Chris Lefteri, Hans Günther Schnell and Jorg Berchtold.

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Posted Jul 25, 2017 by Elena Caneva on Rhino News, etc.