Declined Model due to script

I received this error:


Is there any way to get more specific error on why this script is being declined? Do you have a trace of what was flagged? I have viewed your reasons of why that it might be declined on the thread:

If you have any more information, it would be much appreciated.


We had to deny several scripts yesterday, I am guessing at least some of them were contained in your definition. Without being too specific, here are some of the problems we found:

  • Requesting data from external URLs (using System.Net.WebRequest). This just can’t be allowed within scripts as we have no way to check the contents. If you need to import files from external URLs, please use the import components of the ShapeDiver plugin. You can import geometry, images and text.
  • Saving local files. It doesn’t make sense to try to save local files on our servers. We have specific export components to do that and make the files available from the web browser. Please use the shapediver export components. Again, you can export geometry, images and text files using them.
  • Manipulating parameter values. You can dynamically update sliders and other parameters within a script in Grasshopper. However, that is a strict limitation of our servers, along with anything that breaks the one-to-one relation between a set of parameters and a computation. If we’re being a little more fancy and mathematically sound, make sure your definition behaves as a deterministic finite automaton, but I’m not sure it’s helping…

From what I have seen, it looks like there are ShapeDiver-compatible alternatives to all the operations from these scripts, don’t hesitate to reach out if you have trouble reworking the definition.

Thank you for this detailed and concise response Mathieu Huard. This is really helpful information!

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