Decimals not working in Box Edit

Last night I updated to the latest version of V6 and the decimals no longer work. All dimensions with decimals are rounded up or down to the nearest round number. If I want to draw a 0.6 mm circle and I enter the figure 0.3 in the command bar, the dimensions of circle drawn, as shown by Box Edit, is 1 mm. If I try to change this 1 mm circle in Box Edit and I enter a 0.6 mm dimension, after I press enter the circle does not change and remains 1 mm. Box edit does not display any decimals.
In Document Properties/Units, Display Precision is set to 1.00. I tried other options from the drop-down menu, but nothing changed. Is there any other setting change possible?
So, I cannot create anything that has dimensions with decimals. This makes it impossible to make any objects with precise dimensions. I am unable to edit the dimensions of already created objects. I did not have this problem yesterday, this only happened after the last update.

Hi RaduB,

Sorry about that. This was a bug accidentally introduced while hooking up fractional feet and inches. It is fixed now and will be in the next release candidate.



Thanks for the explanation. Hopefully the update will be available soon.


Could you clarify which version breaks the decimals and in which version it will be fixed again - I’d like to miss the broken one as I use boxedit a lot…


The version in which I came across this problem is 6.4.18093.10341, 03/04/2018


I downloaded the latest release candidate and the decimals are back. Thanks!

I’m having an issue with box edit, I can’t get multiple objects to go to a certain Z position when set to “transform objects individually”, they wont all go to the same Z location but rather just apply the increment to each of them, which is the same result as not having transforming them individually but as a group. I’m generally finding Box Edit in R6 slower than R5. Thanks in advance for your help.