Decimal "too small" or "too large"?

What number is considered “too large” or “too small” for a Decimal?

Perhaps this gives you necessary information:

Thanks, @jesterking, @nathanletwory

But then, there’s something wrong with Galapagos. All my numbers in that definition are between 0.000 and 30.000 :thinking:

Most likely it’s a special case where double.MinValue, double.MaxValue, double.PositiveInfinity, double.NegativeInfinity, or double.NaN are being converted into a decimal. Probably not NaN, I imagine that would be a different error message.

Can you share the file that generates this exception?

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Sent it as PM

I can bet it’s due to the NaN. If Galapagos doesn’t consider change in slider domain, and simply takes whatever is available at start, then it is possible that the result is NaN.

I’m afraid I’ll have to develop my own Evo solver to check after each random number generation, assign the domains and generate new random number. :frowning: