Decals result is good with Rhino rendering but not raytraced by Neon


I am not able to get a satisfactory result with Neon when using Decals.
This polysurface is ok when rendered by Rhino

but when raytraced by Neon:

Here is the Lands (1.3 MB) Rhino file (texture included)
Raytracing the polysurface with Neon took me 16min and 1min raytracing the meshed polysurface, so you may use the meshed surface.
Rhino Options/Rendering/Texture size = 2048
May I have your help ?

(Brian James) #2

Hi Alan,

Can you send the 3dm not the 3dmbak file and make sure to check this box in options prior to saving? I’ll take a look to see if I can tell what’s going wrong.


Hi Brian,

Sorry for the wrong file. Here is the file 2014-07-11 McNeel - Decals Neon.3dm.
“Save support file in 3dm file” was already checked. BTW, does “Save small” affect support file ?


Neon is not so great with decals, so use texture mapping instead.
Applying the image to the material and then assigning the terrain with a planar UV map should give you the result you need.

I looked at the file, there were some odd thing going on, so exploding (accept making 3500 individual objects) and then join them again fixes it. I do not know what caused this.


Thanks Holo, texture mapping fixed it with Neon !

(Brian James) #6

Textures will still get embedded but the render mesh won’t be included in the file.