Decals not showing Windows 10 Intel Graphics (work around)

As posted some years ago it seems impossible to use decals with Rhino 6 on my laptop with Windows 10 and Intel grahics.

The view then was the bad quality of the Intel graphics caused the problem, but I have found that by creating a custom material for a surface and choosing an image as texture gave the same result as the decals function.

It seems Rhino 6 decals is not working well with Intel graphics and not the other way around!

Can this be remedied?

It depends on which Intel card what what drivers you’re running. If it’s an old 4000 or older, forget it. The old cards don’t support Rhino’s minimum, fall-back OpenGL standard. If you have a newer Intel card and are running current drivers (June 2019 or newer), decals should work.