Decals in V-Ray 3, no "No UVW Color"

On V-Ray 3 I don’t manage to put a color outside the decal. I did put a bitmap in the diffuse color, I uncheck the tile option, change the “no UVW color” and I didn’t get a result. Just black, with crop or place there is sometime the red color.

I tried to post something on Vray forum with no luck. I didn’t find the +new Topic !!! Not a very clear forum.

Salut Laurent,

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For a decal, you need to have two settings enabled:

1- In the bitmap properties, tiling is unchecked (as you did)

If needed, you may want to define what is transparent:

2- You have to tell what goes behind your decal by adding another layer to your material:

I chose to add a diffuse layer here but it can be any kind.
You drag your new layer below the decal layer. They get drawn in the same order that they appear here. There’s no limit (I think) to the number of layers you can have.
I chose a texture in my diffuse layer but you can select a simple diffuse color by clicking on the diffuse swatch.

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Thanks a lot, for this method. It works very well with the help of an opacity mask.

I am quite sure it could be done with the “no UVW color”, this color appears with place instead of “whole texture” but tile has no effect ! V-ray 3 lack a good documentation :frowning: I did write to chaos support.