Decals in Mac version...MISSING?

Unless I just can’t find it, Is the Mac version of Rhino Missing the decal feature? It is needed for much of the Toy Design I do.

No decals in the initial release. Sorry.
The Decal feature is powered by the Render Development Kit which will not make it into the initial release of Mac Rhino.
We hope to add many of the missing features (like support for RDK based tools) in the “dot” releases (5.1, 5.2, etc.), in the months following the initial release.

OUCH, that is sorely needed (for me anyway). But it will be coming soon, correct?

I have no way of guessing. I do know that rewriting the RDK so it can be used in both Windows and OSX was deemed not possible in the near term. That means an OSX compatible RDK will need to be written that parallels the Windows version (a VERY tall order), or some other way of solving these problems is figured out. So making a guess as to what is “soon” would fall somewhere between misleading and irresponsible. I won’t guess.

We do know how important the missing features are so don’t worry about motivation on this end. We would not have added them to Windows Rhino if they weren’t needed.
But be aware the features in Windows Rhino have been being working on since 1994. It’s just not realistic to think the first release of Mac Rhino can possibly have all the tools we’ve built in 20+ years of Windows development.

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I completely understand. Thanks!

Any update on when we might see this feature?

Short answer: Not soon
Since decals use the RDK, my guess is not until we get to a V6 code base.

I’m hearing good comments from people moving their rendering tasks to a stand alone copy of Maxwell. There is no plug-in based rendering tool yet.