Decals flickering on and off for render over farm

Above is a snippet of my Bongo animation when rendered out to the farm. All my Flamingo decals flicker on and off. This happens when I use more passes (could not upload higher resolution version) and also still happens when I embed all the decals versus just linking them. Everyone on my render farm has access to the image files.

When I render using just my own computer, I do not get flickering. I am using Bongo 2.0 and Flamingo nXt 3.1.2014. I’m aware that my version of Flamingo isn’t the latest, but when I tried to install and run Flamingo 5.0, Rhino just constantly crashed. I’ve since uninstalled Flamingo 5 and went back to 3. Any help on this is very appreciated.

Presumably this is a Flamingo (Farm) problem. So I redirect the topic to Rendering Flamingo. Hopefully John Morse (@JohnM ) can help you out.


We are investigating this problem and possible solutions and will let you know what we figure out.

Hi Kristen, I just logged this bug as FL-6197.

Brian, thank you!

An update and some further information on this problem:

I changed all of the Flamingo decals to Rhino picture frames. The decal flickering was resolved. However, now the light flickering was far more noticeable.

With the project deadline looming, I ran the full animation on the render farm at 100 passes. The flickering persisted despite multiple attempts at changing lighting, materials, etc. Afterwards I went back through and deleted frames that flickered or photoshopped out flicker out where I could. I also used Frame Blending and Motion Blur in After Effects to help smooth out the animation. Ultimately, it produced an “okay” animation, but definitely not the quality I had hoped for. Also, photoshopping hundreds of images was not ideal.

Here is the part of the animation with the worst flicker and without post processing.