Decal doesn't update unless I hit "Edit"

When I apply a decal to a surface, I notice two previews show up in the decal pane. One of them allows me to edit the source image. If I swap the source image the first preview will update but not the second one below it. The image on the model also doesn’t update. The only way I’ve found to get it to update is hit the “Edit” button which seems to open the image in the “Preview” app, and then close it. Then the image refreshes.

Interesting though, I’m noticing if I replace the source file for the decal, Rhino seems to update the bitmap texture. So it’s just when I swap the file inside Rhino that it doesn’t update.

Thanks for this report. I’ve filed this as for future reference. Toggle to shaded and then back to rendered mode to force the update in the meantime. Does that work for you too?

Toggling to shaded and back to rendered does not seem to force the update. I’m on 6.16 right now.

This should be fixed in the latest Rhino 6 for Mac SR17 Release Candidate.