Decal crash

Hi @nathanletwory,

i can repeat a crash when i apply a new decal with the following steps:

  1. Create any object, eg. a mesh plane
  2. From Properties > Decals, click the + sign to add a new decal
  3. When Rhino asks for a bitmap click on “Choose from more texture types…
  4. Choose the “Grit Bump Texture
  5. Setup the Decal as Planar (using the default options)
  6. Switch to Rendered display mode

It closes Rhino (7.24.22290.19001, 2022-10-17) with no warning and brings up the error reporting dialog. (I’ve send one).


I am asking around. I haven’t touched decals in a while.

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Thanks @nathanletwory, i’ve found some other issues which i’ll post soon. Who is working on decals ?