Debugging C# Grasshopper Components in Visual Studio without starting Rhino

As a follow up to this thread, I was wondering if there is a straighforward way to set up a different VS configuration to allow the debugging of some complex code without the need to start Rhino. In particular, I’d like a configuration that starts in a Main() where I could test some code/classes that will eventually be used in a component proper. I’ve played with this but have been unable to get it to work. My VS-fu is weak :slight_smile:

Hi Bruce

this can theoretically work if you do not use RhinoCommon. If you use RhinoCommon anywhere within main() and what main is using, then you will need to start Rhino to ensure that the RhinoCommon methods can be called.

Starting grasshopper without using RhinoCommon seems like an impossible task though?

Yes. You can only hope to debug your own logic, certainly not start a Grasshopper session without Rhino.

I see, having access to RhinoCommon depends upon having Rhino loaded. Oh well.

Thank you all very much for your comments.

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Well, strictly speaking: there’s the Rhino3DMIO version of RhinoCommon you could use, which allows to read and write rhino files, and do basic geometric operations, but intersections, meshing etc. are not available in this version of RhinoCommon, and you’ll need Rhino for that.