Debug Configuration - App.config

Some while ago someone set up my computer with 32 bit and 64 bit debug configuration.
Now I’m behind a computer that is only 32 bit and the debugging wont work.

I thought of creating a new Debug Configuration so I added a new one based on the 32bit for a 64 bit compouter.

What was still in my mind is that this was configuratable in the app.config file but its not there.
It was possible to say where my rhino.exe is located.

The following error occurs when I try it anyways.

It wont work because Rhino4.exe is not in that location and I dont know where to change it atm.

I’m replying to my own post…

I couldnt find it in app.config and not in project.vbproj, but after I created a new Debug configuration it appeared in project.vbproj. The other 2 debug configurations are not there. The new one is so I got it too work again.

Sad to find the solution 2 seconds after my first post…

If you were using the “full” Visual Studio, you’d be able to change the start action:

The Express editions, however, do not support changing the start action property; this is only supported in the full Visual Studio product. So, if you need to change the start action, you will need to hand edit your .vbproj with a text editor.