Dealing with the old OpenGL-1.4 capable GPU

I’m trying to evaluate v6, but chained to the old Thinkpad T60 with an integrated Intel 945, er… well, GPU. And there are no ways to upgrade it for a while. Other GL-based programs works reasonably well, and Rhino too, except for one thing:
when I start the lasso selection then the entire viewport where selection happens fills black and only the selection frame (of dashed or solid lines according to selection direction) is visible on top of it.
upd: Not only selection. All cases are summed in the 4th post.

Win-7-64, the latest drivers (tried previous too). All driver settings combinations was checked. I saw a bunch of settings with “opengl” substring in name on the Options/Advanced page but can’t find anything about their values nowhere. Well, “Use HW Accel” name tells for itself and does its job but I hope to use my cripple but available OpenGL.

Is there any proven set of these parameters to get my goal? Except of disabling HW accel of course.

If not, where can I find a list of values of “advanced” parameters and their description to try the trial-and-error way?

Hi - are you sure about that OpenGL version - 1.4?
There’s a test command (TestGlLevelCap) that forces a cap on the OpenGL level to be used but as far as I know, the lowest level for that command is 1.5. [And one shouldn’t expect everything to “just work” by lowering that level by using that command].

If updated drivers don’t sort it, your only other option is to tell Rhino V6 to Not use the hardware driver.
Options > Advanced > filter key “UseHardwareDriver”, uncheck the True checkbox.

Well, after a several trials I’ve figured out that this black fill happens, summing everything found, when a “live” lines or “live” (“cross”) cursor have to be shown:
– selection;
– Gumball;
– any primitives creation, even Point.
All display modes from Wireframe through Ghosted until Rendered are shown fine both statically and when an objects (de)selected by click or transformed or a model or view is moved or rotated.

That’s what Intel said (in it’s config utility) and Rhino too.
GLEW tells about the same except for shaders support that is software: visualinfo.txt, glewinfo.txt.
OpenGL Extensions Viewer v6 by Realtech-VR says about fully supported 1.4 with “Core” profile and a few extensions up to 2.0.

GLExtsVewer screenshot

For me (Rhino-v6-SR20) this command accepts an integers only, no decimals. And, again, it’s another one command unknown to the end user even after Help pack installation or digging in the on-site Manual.

Thanks, Captain :slight_smile:

Indeed. But until that I still wanna play with a some settings.

Process Hacker (a tool like Sysinternals/Microsoft Process Explorer on steroids) shows that when “UseHardwareDriver” is set then Rhino uses the GPU. And a source of bug has been narrowed. So I still hope that some option can help me to use the HW acceleration benefit. The only what I need is at the end of the first post – a bit more info about commands, options and their values.