Dead loads, Live loads

Hello, I have a question concerning the type of loads. Is a constant Mesh Load representing the dead loads of the structure? If so, how could I represent also the live loads, people, furniture, snow maybe etc? Should I define meshes/points for those?

Hi Theorgerg,

when you include gravity into your model, Karamba calculates the selfweight of the structure. Additional dead loads such as floor buildup, etc needs to be also considered, as well as live loads. These can be simulated as meshloads, line loads or as point loads (depending on how you wish to apply the loads).

Hey Matthew,

great thank you for your answer. I have used meshes for certain additional dead and some live loads, which was no problem. I didn’t habe problems with point loads that came from the center point of some slabs. But when I tried to simulate wind loads, for which I used the mid points of the slabs outer sides, and furniture loads, which where points that I just placed on the slabs, so they don t come from the model, I got the following error on my assemble model component :

  1. Solution exception:Could not find node at (14.3535714285827/43.1534189584288/22) where point-load number 210 is attached.

Do you know how could I solve this?

Hi @theogerg, if you use point loads on a mesh, you need to make sure that these points coincide with the vertices of the mesh, otherwise you get this error message. From the MeshToShell component, you can get the Pts from the mesh, and with the ClosestPoint component, you can snap the point to a point on your mesh

Great! I see now. Thank you it was very helpful

Hi Theogerg,

Is correct to say that if we use only gravity as shown in this image I have in the structural analysis considering only the weight of the structure?

Thank you,

yes that is correct.