Dayight analysis using Ladybug, Honeybee, Radiance - data loss using GPU computed rpict (Accelerad)

I’m doing indoor daylight simulation using GH plugin Honeybee and Radiance. Initially i ran Rpict calculations on CPU, then i came across Accerad that enables GPU to do the Rpict calculations. It’s certainly alot faster on my Quadro t1000 than i7 9050h. But i keep getting these image full of black spots no matter the setting of my GH file.

It was producing full images when it ran on CPU, but again i had to wait for hours, where’as this takes about 15 min.

I’m quite new to this procedure of daylight simulations, so i might have missed something crucial. I’m getting alot of warnings on ‘non-planar vertex’ but that didn’t make no difference on CPU.

By the way anyone out there who knows how to enable TCC computing on Quadro t1000?

Kind regards :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Hei Rasmus - You might want to check the forum for questions related to daylight simulations.