Day to day Grasshopper usage

Hi all,

Just wondering if you guys uses Grasshopper on a day to day basis, and what do you usually use it for?


Massive question you’ve asked there.

Short answer from me is - YES - every single day, in everything I model.

If there is a single description for what I use it for in my workflow it is AUTOMATION.

I use grasshopper to describe the work needed to get to an final object (sort of the inverse of a history tree) so I can then interate over the design to get to the final form.

The only times I dont have grasshopper open/in use might be for quick sketches or prototypes of a work flow, which will then be brought into a larger grasshopper controlled model.



ps I do have a really simple/powerful description and workflow I use to introduce jnr Designers in our studio to a grasshopper workflow, must record/upload it sometime.


Everyday all day.

I use Grasshopper everyday. I use it to design and model cabinets. Cabinets with drawer banks or cabinets with just doors or cabinets with a drawer above a door. Cabinets that have toe kicks or ones that hang from the wall. I use it to detail my cabinet drawings, putting assembly holes in place, drawer glide holes, adjustable shelf holes. I use it to design stairways, straight stairways as well as spiral stairs. Super useful in figuring a spiral stairway where the center diameter, width of stairs and number of risers all interact to effect walkablility and code compliance, not to mention esthetics .
I use it to help figure material needed for a project. I use it for my time card conversions from minutes to hours and decimals. I use it to lay out wood plugs and wood HVAC grills. I even used it to help plan a 18 day mountain bike/ bike back packing trip. We had some logistical challenges with our food and with shipping care boxes to our selves. I used grasshopper to adjust the logistics driven by where the care packages could be sent to, I set up GH to adjust the quantites to send. Grasshopper and Rhino are really the back bone of a lot that we do and a lot of what we make. There is more but for now maybe you get the idea.
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Thank you for your reply! I really did not expect you could use GH to plan a bike trip like you did. lol.
Anyways, you mentioned about “code compliance”.

What code compliance does GH adhere to?
How do I go about setting it to the standard I want, e.g. AS1100 standard?
I am pretty sure Rhino 6 does not have any code compliance settings right?



Thank you for taking your time to reply and sharing what you know.


My 2 cents…

I too use it almost everyday.
Years ago I started with geometries, like an enhanced rhino tool, but soon I’ve started using it for everything.
Once you get used to it, it becomes a must-have tool in every pc you use.
Like, would you use a pc without basic tools like paint/notepad/excel? I can’t stay without rhino+grasshopper.
It’s a very fast tool to easily program.
Last week I did a mini tool (still wip) to create animated SVGs for web pages… html/css/js codes compiled by grasshopper.
I would have never put myself into doing such things if I didn’t had a visual representation of my datas flow.
It’s incredible how helpful grasshopper can be in countless fields…


A little confusing, sorry. The code compliance is not something built in to Grasshopper. For our stairway work it is building code compliance. For example riser height needs to be less than a certain amount, walk line needs to be greater then a certain value etc. It would not be to hard to build limits into a GH solution however. Number sliders that are limited for example. You could use gates to flag values that are out of compliance. The nice thing about GH is that all of those features are up to you to decide and make work. It is not something that someone else decides for you. That equals complete customization by you and for you.

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